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The goal of Bear Network Chain will revolve around project quality, enterprise, localization, industry, environment, education, organization, public welfare, and sustainable development. Preliminary plan: The BRNKC coin will serve as a reward and incentive for ecological development and practical energy. At the same time, Bear Network Chain will build the BrnkcSwapDEX, which functions as an AMM, Swap, NFT, DAO. Bear Network Chain will promote its development primarily through communities, organizations, businesses, and government units, with a focus on the education sector, to achieve seamless integration between industry, government, and academia. Mid to long-term plan: To improve the overall development of the community, moderately adjust supply and demand, and increase more application scenarios. With the integration of Web3 applications, practical applications in different industries will be expanded. Establish a complete and rich Web3 blockchain practical education curriculum. Improve the community, invest in public welfare, protect the climate, and promote green energy (photovoltaic)

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