Tokenlicious-TLS Info

Why Choose Tokenlicious?

Tokenlicious is the best new platform to index your digital assets on. Tokenlicious currently supports 8 blockchains and offers multiple crypto related services to help boost your project and reach the crowd you need for your project to succeed. We also know how important votes can be and currenly reward our members with BUSD, TLS or SMBElon on the SMBEmpire Discord!

We want to reward our community for their time, energy, support, and investments so we are always looking for ways to give back. We have created a point system on where you get 1 point per vote, when you reach 100 points you can go to your profile page "click your name in the nav bar" and exchange your points for BUSD, TLS or SMBElon tokens on the SMBEmpire discord. The TLS Tokenomics are strait forward with a max supply: 100,000,000 as for tax and rewards TLS has a 10% tax that breaks down like this, holders: 4%, liquidity: 4%, development: 2%.

What seperates Tokenlicious?

Tokenlicious is a fun, safe environment to promote your project or scout for the next big gem. Security is essential and we do our best to safegaurd any personal information provided to tokenlicious and provide accurate information to our members. We filter regulary for scam tokens, bad projects, and bad actors.

Tokenlicious has made an API for web developers to get token data directly. We also made an easy to use embed for fast, reliable token data on the fly.

You can register your bep20/erc20 wallet below to participate in random airdrops. Tokenlicious will be hosting random airdrops and registering your wallet with us just might get you that 1000x GEM.The Tokenlicious-Airdropper currently supports transfering bep20 tokens on the BSC network. The Airdropper uses an open source smart contract which is verified on bscscan.

TLS Tokenomics

Max Supply: 100,000,000

Contract: 0xeF569bdfff1d51B016b588C27175465F1bcFB808

Decimals: 18

Slippage: 10%

Network: BSC

TLS Rewards & Tax

TLS rewards investors that have more than 100 TLS tokens with a 4% SMBElon reward!

Holders: 4%

Liquidity: 4%

Development: 2%

How to buy?

Create MetaMask wallet and enable BSC Network

Download MetaMask Create a MetaMask Wallet using either a desktop computer or an iOS/Android mobile device. If the BSC Network is not available in your MetaMask follow this guide Connecting MetaMask to BSC Net to add the network. That will allow you to buy, sell, send, TLS

Send Binance coin(BNB) to your wallet

You will need BNB for network fees and for trading.Transfer Binance coin (BNB) to your MetaMask Wallet from exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, etc. Make sure to use the BEP-20 network when transfering BNB.

Connect your wallet to SMBSwap

Go to and access your wallet on SMBSwap by clicking [Connect to a wallet] and selecting MetaMask.

Add TLS To Your MetaMask

Select Import Token, and then enter the TLS contract address. The rest of the form should auto fill. Then select Add Token, your asset should be visible in your wallet.

TLS Holders Tracking Your Rewards

We wanted to make it easy for TLS holders to track their rewards so we put together this dasdboard.


Q3 2022

Tokenlicious Launch

✔️Advertisements on our platform.

✔️100 coins listed.

✔️Create TLS token.

✔️listing on SMBSwap.

Q4 2022

In Progress

✔️500 members.

✔️TLS pools and farms on SMBSwap.

❌500 coins listed.

Q1 2023


❌Support 10 blockchains.

❌Tokenlicious app.

❌1000 members.

Q2 2023


❌500 holders.

❌1500 members.

✔️Complex advertisment system.

✔️Airdrop platform.

Q3 2023


❌1000 coins listed.

❌Listings on CMC and CGecko

❌Gaming platform

Q3 2023


❌1000 holders.

❌2000 members.

❌Supoort 15 blockchains