Register your bep20/erc20 wallet below to register for random airdrops on tokenlicious.

Tokenlicious will be hosting random airdrops and registering your wallet with us just might get you that 1000x GEM.
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✈️Tokenlicious-Airdropper V1(beta)

The Tokenlicious-Airdropper currently supports transfering bep20 tokens on the BSC network.
The Airdropper uses an open source smart contract which is verified on bscscan.

Airdropper Instructions

1: Click Connect and initialize your wallet.

2: Input the contract of the token you want to airdrop.

3: Set amount per recipient, in tokens.

3: Fill in recipients with addresses seperated with a comma. Max is 300 addresses per tx.

3: Click Submit. You will be prompted with 2 transactions "approve token spend" and then "pay for the transaction".

4:(Optional)Disconnect wallet in your priveder

Token smart contract address

[Separate by comma(,)]
Max recommended addresses per tx is 300
We dont charge a fee but the Tokenlicious Airdrop Receiver [0x4b7Af8B0f5269CaC030299d1FFB6dcc1caB36E4d]
will participate in each airdrop and be added to the begining of the list automaticly.