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Atomic Mass Unit ($AMU) token *BakR_D0mains Ecosystem token* blockchain: Tezos type: FA2 (unified token contract interface) Total supply: 60,220,000 Decimals: 16 Contract: KT1DEzGbPCWTvhTtSUgBGBYsZQFhoAfN2RJn *Reminder: you must you a DeFi Tezos Wallet (Kukai/Temple) to hold. If you send to MetaMask/TrustWallet, you will lose delegation of your assets. Current Experimental Reward: Funny Flasks NFTs ( come with a 5,000 AMU airdrop. Origination Wallet: tz1MUbnMyVVhQEdn4RQS56xxNn6mFhyNoQ65 Distribution Wallets: 1️⃣ Discord mining: tz1WVSvUxY7bwvfkRy5kYmPVvVpH9iXAxNkX 2️⃣ General distribution: tz1gHsseAe82Fa2xXPoM3ae9RN2Ex4u8RWDr Developer Wallet: tz2Ku5oXWWxHnkf81Y5s5Kf2o67cymF7iG3Z Distribution Roadmap 3,613,200 Distribution 6.0% 6,022,000 Discord Mining 10.0% 6,022,000 NFT Rewards 10.0% 12,044,000 NFT Staking 20.0% 12,044,000 Pool 20.0% 12,044,000 LP-Farm 20.0% 2,408,800 Dev 4.0% 6,022,000 Expenses 10.0% Isn't Ellen Meyer the best?


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