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wANTS is a wrapped FireAnts token on the Binance BSC blockchain. ANTS Coin is its native currency built on the FireAnts blockchain. FireANTS Crypto Inc. developed a true decentralized ANTS blockchain. wANTS token is a multi-chain token that has the utility for Web3 gaming, NFTs, and ANTS Metaverse. wANTS token can be swap for an ANTS coin using the swapping utility on the FireANTS homepage. The ANTS coin is used for proof-of-state (PoS) when unwrapped into the ANTS Qt wallet. ANTS coin will be the first true tribal sovereignty currency used throughout Native American nations in the United States and other first nations worldwide. FireANTS Crypto Inc. support philanthropic projects to reduce poverty, improve education, cultural preservation, create sustainability, and enrich global social impact for humanity.


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